Saturday, December 09, 2006

Why I am doing it...

There are many roots to this tree, so I thought it would be good to get these motivations written down.

-We need to find some of Jesus's words to challenge us, if we are to grow.
-It's what Jesus did himself, by coming to Earth as a man, and also the training he put ALL his disciples through.
-Someone in my small group at the start of this year asked for a study on faith, and I didn't know how to do that without an 'action'/doing component.
- I did something similar 10 years ago, and always wanted to try it again.
- To see what would happen if I switch everything I have learned on, to the max.
- Why is it the Christians that seem to be the shy ones when it comes to being public about their religion?
- Last year I had a 'near death experience' where I visited Heaven, and I wanted to reflect the act of walking into Heaven (which is with nothing but the cloth on your body) as an act of waling into God's Kingdom here on Earth. As Jesus says 'your Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven'
- I see life's journey not as a linear wealth creation (production) experience, but as an opportunity to explore and discover the universe and spirituality in different ways and opportunitys, before we move on.
- It's Biblical.
- To further understand the issues if homelessness and poverty that have been bubbling in my mind for many years, from an 'in the trenches' perspective.
- To help raise these issues to the attention of people in my own middle class background.
- To go through a process of Humbling myself before God.

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