Saturday, December 09, 2006


MY NAME: For those that know me as Chris or CK, I am using a new name for the journey: JOHN CHRISTOPHER. I have made this change as I felt God lead me to it a couple of years ago, but it never felt like the right time. Now that I am starting the Faith Walk (which is like a new beginning or rebirth) and also as I looked up the meaning of John last month and discovered it means 'God Gives', I feel it is appropriate now, as God is 'giving' me to the city, in one sense. So please use the name 'John' when you contact or talk with me as to help me keep a sense of identity about who I am and what I am doing on this journey. Thanks :)

* Some people are not happy about calling me John, and others are. Hey, I am not going to force it on you, do what you like. I have discovered most people have a 'street' name and a real name. Many cultures have people with multiple names and often the meaning of names is important. Biblical characters have multiple names : Jacob-Israel, Daniel-Belteshazzar, Simon-Peter, and even Jesus (check Revelation). St.Francis was christened John before his dad changed it. The anonimity also provides my family members some protection from bad street elements who may want to 'investigate' me further. Besides the logic behind it, as I said before I felf it was a leading from God. So I am confortable with it on that basis alone.

DIARY UPDATES: Everything below this post relates to the 'vision' of what I felt led to do, and how it developed. Everything above this post will be updates posted when I am able, to keep people informed as to where and what I am doing. ie This blog will substitute for group emails.

CONTACT: There will only be this blog (so please bookmark it), and my email address

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