Saturday, December 09, 2006

Update: 9 Dec 06

1 Day to Go ! (Though the journey started long ago...)

Everything I needed to do has been done except I just need to fix up this blog a little more before I group email it out tomorrow to those that have expressed interest in following my journey. I feel good, calm and relaxed with a bit of anticipation/edginess. I have a friends wedding to attend for the rest of this day, and lunch with the family tomorrow. Then I will go to Church tomorrow night and walk into Melbourne after that, about 8pm.

So far the weather is hot (which is good) but their is a possible storm forcast for tomorrow arvo/night, which could make things very interesting. I remind myself that homeless people would probably not get a choice of when they were outed on to the streets, and so I will accept the situation, as it comes. I have full confidence of God being with me.

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