Saturday, December 09, 2006

Theology of Faith Walking

Here I will connect ideas of theology I have learned along the journey.

The bible says faith without action is dead.
Thus we need Faith Action (and 'walking' is an 'action') ie Faith Walk.

PEOPLE: If God put all these people through this similar experience, there must be something to be learned from it.
Abraham: (the father of Israel) started a journey/walk with God right back in the beginning, not just in heading towards sacrificing his son, but also in a later journey into unknown lands.
Noah: Building the Ark in faith before his journey.
Jonah: Walking into Ninivah with nothing but faith.
Job: Sitting on the road, stripped of everything, trusting God.
Moses: Fleeing Egypt into the desert with nothing, and then returning with faith and later climbing the mountain to meet God.
David: Often fleeing from Saul with little but his clothes and sleeping rough or in caves.
John the Baptist: Preaching and living in the desert on faith.
Jesus: Leaving Heaven (where he had everything) to be born to earth poor and later doing his ministry, with some funding, but often sleeping rough, and away from home.
The Disciples: Not 3 or 7 or 11 but 'all' 12 being sent out with nothing but what they were wearing as part of their discipleship training, and most likely a 2nd time as part of the 72 later sent out.

The woman who puts in her last dollar to the church, deemed by Jesus to have given the most.

Poustinia and The Gospel Without Compromise by Catherine Du Huek Doherty
- These talk of Russian Christian Spirituality over the last few hundred years.
- Pilgrims: Those that from any part of society, don a plain tunic, and take a days rations and then travel around the Catholic Holy Shrines in Russia. They walk in faith and knock on stranger's doors at night and share their stories of their journey.
- Jurodivia: Those challenged by the command of Jesus to the rich man, who then sell everything, give it to the poor, and then go and work with the poor in their environment/community.
- Poustinik: Those also challenged by the same command but instead they go and live in a cabin in the forest in hermitage. They read only the bible and stay there as a life vacation awaiting a message from God, that if received they will then go on a pilgrimage to talk to the people about. In the meantime they receive guests seeking wise advice and also act as an emergency helper for the local village.

St.Francis of Assisi: The patron saint of creation. Followed Jesus's challenge to the rich man in a complete literal interpretation and went on to found the order of Franciscan Monks. Living and working with the poor, preaching Christ through his actions.

Brother Roger: Founder of the Taize community, working with the poor and focusing on building a community of prayer.

Chasing The Dragon by Jackie Pullenger: Left everything to land broke in Hong Kong, worked with drug addicted men in the Triad City, and built the St.Stephen society community.

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