Monday, May 05, 2008


The wedding was wonderful, much better than we both expected. Three months of pressure cooker planning resulting in a dreamy day which all enjoyed. The ceremony was at the Lutheran Church, the service was led by our Church of Hope (AoG) pastors and the vows were led by our Baptist minister (Also our Anglican Vicar in the congregation).. who said we all(denominations) can't all get along. We had the cross carried into the Church first, to symbolise the priority in our lives, and we made our vows on our knees, before God. Afterwards, outside, we released some doves, which everyone enjoyed.

We wanted the day's experience to have some important Biblical themes, and so we invited as many people as we could, choosing to have a cheaper buffet meal so we could invite more guests (200 people). Of course many of those were friends from the street. But as in the Bible story.. many were unable to come to the banquet, some deliberately because they were annoyed with us or other attendees. Some probably didn't feel they would be comfortable there, in a crowd at a special occasion with many others around. What ever the reason it was a surprise who came and who stayed away, will it be similar at the rapture?

We also followed Jesus's suggestion to invite some strangers to your meal, and boy are we glad we did. The strangers were exceptionally grateful and happy for the invite and the best thing of all happened.. A couple from Malaysia (parents of a guest we said to come along) gave their hearts to God at the reception! We think that is the best wedding present.. our marriage bringing others into the kingdom.. hopefully symbolic of our future with God and each other :) There was one person who came to the reception un-invited, but we chose not to tie him up and throw him outside. LOL.

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