Friday, May 09, 2008

Homelessness.. The Answer:

Homelessness ESS Derivatives: Brokenness, lonlyness, pointless, unhappiness, drunkenness, faithless, helpless, penniless, relationship less..

Relationship less:
Specifically: without relationship with a healthy Christian person(s).
Specifically: a 'healthy Christian' who is not in a paid role relationship or organized limited mission role.

The Balance:
The Homeless in Melbourne are far outnumbered by regular working Church attending Christian people.

Statistically a Homeless persons friendship group should be made up of many Christian friends; Christians that have no other Homeless friend other than that one person.

Of Course that is based on the PREMISE that all/most Christians follow God's direct instructions through the Bible and Jesus to make time and develop a meaningful relationship with the lost, poor and homeless of the city they live in.

We are an massive army camped on one side of a river, year after year, while the village on the other side is constantly attacked and raided, the people maimed and murdered.

Occasionally some soldiers or small patrols head across the river and return with a message that more help is needed..

Someone's reply: "I know the King has asked us to go across and fight, but I am busy with camp logistics and also my sword is not yet sharp enough."

Another: "I know the King is due back to the camp soon, when that happens he will lead us across the river and we shall crush the enemy under our heel.. how great and glorious will that day be!"

Where to now?
As a single person I have been able to make the time to build relationships with some of the poor and homeless of Melbourne.

As a married person (with a baby on the way) my challenge is to find some time (an hour a week, a day a month?) to continue to build on those relationships and witness God.

What's your challenge?

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Mikael Madsen said...

I agree, with you,I must put down my excuse and walk across the river.