Monday, April 23, 2007

Busy Busy.. all good :)

Hello friends,

Just a quick note to say I am ok and all is well.

I will force some time into this week to do some sort of catch up post! Briefly, I have been getting to know new groups, helping out others and discussing God with many people. With colder temperatures I have switched to using the Poustinia (retreat shed) as a main sleeping spot, but with so much happening I still do quite a few all nighters.

God Bless you in your lives :)


UPDATE: Monday07 May
Um.. every time I headed to the internet that week something happened and I have been full on busy walking, talking and meeting people all day, every day, since then.. but I AM free tomorrow arvo (if 'He' lets me) to do some blogging then... I hope...

UPDATE 2: 08 May
Nope.. After visiting dad in the hospital, I walked back into the city, taking a 'different' route to get to the internet but bumped into Jason and we came to the library to play a game of chess.. which is important since it's our first meeting since the police incident. (Tomorrow I plan to find a computer outside the city..)


becrowe said...

Where AAAAAAARE you?!!

I miss your blog :(

I fear it is coming to an end... so i've had to resort to writing on my own one... it's not nearly as interesting!

Come back soon.


NChitwood said...

i have enjoyed spending hours reading through your blog. you are amazing and doing amazing things. wow! i admire your courage to stand on your two feet and go "against the flow" of man and do what you know is right in your heart. God Bless you! keep at it and keep writing...