Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wasted... (Tues 20th March)

I was just up three days straight without any sleep and the squat I stayed in last night was smokey, thus I have a sore throat and feel absolutely wasted today.

So even though I put myself in this position please say a prayer for my health and recovery. I have some things to attend to later today and so need to keep going for now but I hope to take tomorrow off for some rest.

Thanks :)

UpDate: 8:30pm
I went to St.Pauls 6pm Healing Service and (still feeling ill) have now come to my retreat shed in Clifton Hill. I will stay here and rest tomorrow, even if I feel better in the morning.

UpDate Thursday
Feeling better, still resting as I still have a bit of a cold but the fever has gone. So naturally I am thinking about the issues of being sick while on the street..

On Wednesday I actually took two other people to the free Health Service doctor. Both didn't get the 'medicine' they were looking for. Some script medicines are low level drugs that are then sold or used personally for a high. The previous night some street girls stole hundreds of Zanex pills from some guy, who chased them into a McDonalds, and then they kept taking the pills the next day until they were all gone. Some of them were staggering around, and droopy eyed, all day. One guy I took to the doctor was so upset he didn't get a script that he walked out without without filling out his Health Care details on the form and so the Doctor didn't get paid for the consultation. Even if I got sick enough that I needed a script I wouldn't have the money to pay for the medicine..

Later I was feeling too ill to stand up and so I lay down on the park bench for a few hours. Normally when you get sick you can lie in bed all day, but when you don't have a home and most sleeping spots are only usable in the night, what do you do during the day? If you have friends you can stay with them (as I am doing now) but there are those that don't have that option. I wanted to stick it out, being sick on the street, but by the evening I had had enough. It must be unbearable for those with a much more serious affliction and nowhere to hole up..

Also not feeling well enough to be out and about how do you feed yourself? I guess you would just have to make the effort to get to a food van for something to eat, or starve until you are better. If you want to survive you just have to find the effort to get through these difficulties, and then add it to your experiences of the Hell life has dished out to you. Probably another reason why some see prison as an easier option.

Even resolving the 'simple' issue of finding a hanky to use has forced me to improvise..

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Bomber said...

I will be interested to hear how long a cold will linger for when you are exposed and not receiving any treatment for it.

You said that you were feeling better, but would the illness linger in a supressed state for longer?