Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Thursday/Friday 22-23 Feb

Got thrown out of a shopping arcade, near Bourke St Mall, one minute after sitting down on a bench, because the security guy said 'he didn't like the look of me.' I asked him what was it about my appearance that concerned him? and he said 'he wouldn't say because then he would be liable..'

Was with the crew and met a 200 pound openly gay indigenous man and chatted with him about his favorite movie scenes. As I left he hugged me and started crying because he said he was affected by meeting 'such a good person..'

Visited some new friends for the first time. Enjoyed some pizza and talk about what we(personally) would be like if we lived in caveman times. Stayed the night.

As I left the next morning there was a lady on Oprah talking about how she went to live on the streets as a learning experience (for 3 days). She made a good point about giving out money to beggars. She said 'she doesn't always give money, but she always acknowledges them.'

Stopped and sat next to Bandok and had a chat about what movies he wanted to see. He had a bottle of port and after a few minutes said 'Brother I love you but it's time for you to leave. I'm going to be drinking now and I don't want to Red Light you..' (draw the cops attention to you)

Met a man unsure what to do with his life after he had been rejected from joining the Franciscan Order after the application process. (In St.Francis's day there were no requirements, although some people were expelled.)

While sitting on the steps an indigenous girl came up and kissed me on the cheek and said 'Hello uncle..' ('Uncle' is an indigenous community generic name prefix for someone you respect, or just Uncle if you don't know their name. I am sure there is a more intricate understanding as to how and when it apples, so I'll keep sussing it out.)

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