Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dougy becomes a Christian !!

Yep, I rolled up my sleeping bag this morning and headed to St.Augustine's Church, but I got the times wrong and they don't have a regular service on a Sunday morning. So I walked back to St Pauls and caught the 2nd half of a small service. Goaty was there and he had been given a Bible. I was glad he had a proper one now. Afterwards I still felt like some morning Church and decided to head up to the 10:30am service, I had heard about, at the Salvation Army building, at the top of Bourke St.

As I walked in I was surprised to see Dougy there, as he had never mentioned anything Christian, but a lot of street people do turn up to Christian things for a bit of entertainment, if nothing else. Then I was doubly surprised as he seemed to be completely sober, something I'm not sure I've seen before. I sat down and he sat two rows just in front of me. He seemed happy, singing along with everyone else to the songs. At the end of the service there was a call for people to come up and pray with others if they wanted God to give them direction in life. Dougy went up, prayed with someone for a bit, then sat back down, hugging those next to him. The speaker then told how Dougy had died, during the week, and had been taken to the hospital in an ambulance, where he had then been revived, and now he had just given his life to God and wanted to start fresh!! ....and all of Heaven rejoices :)

I went over to congratulate him, and after lunch he came over to talk further. He said it was the alcohol that had 'done him in' and he 'just had to change'. (After the incident last Saturday night I had been thinking during the week that I should urgently try and borrow a camera and take his picture, as he may not be around much longer, the way he was heading). Now his outlook seems better, but not easy. There was also an amount of relief mixed in with the joy. I offered to give him any support I could, and he said he was coming in tomorrow (to the Salvation Army) to talk to someone. I also noted they run an AA group there as well, which he may join.

Sunday - The best day - Praise God!

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Max Henshaw said...

Did he celebrate by having a beer?