Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The 12th Month

So many good things have happened this year that I haven't written about yet.. Even though the last month has been one of my busiest.. as I enter the twelfth month of my Faith Walk on the streets, God's plan can still take a sudden turn..

Plan to the 10th December 2008 (1 year):

Last week I saw a job advertised that involved working with street and homeless people, and I applied for it.

Now I haven't been looking for a job as being a single person, with little or no running expenses, I could carry on operating the way I have this year indefinitely. But with a relationship I need to consider the future implications, and that means some level of financial income.

There were a number of options that came to mind. 1/ I could try and raise financial support from people and organizations interested in my street ministry. 2/ I could get a part time or full time job doing anything and fit in my street work around that or 3/ I could get a job with an organization dealing with the poverty and homelessness around Melbourne that I am involved with.

Of course Jackie Pullenger says not to worry about seeking funds. If God wants you there he will find people to invest in your ministry, regardless of what your 'results' are.. and that if God can look after the thousands of Israelites in the Desert for 40 years.. then he can easily look after you, your family and others, so long as you have faith and keep focused on his work.

While I was thinking about these things it was a job in my field of involvement that I noticed, but I was not sure if I was ready to go back to work yet. I kind of feel that it would be good to be on the streets full time this summer, to capitalise on all I have learned this year. So I put an application in, just to keep the door open while I thought and prayed about it some more.

My application required a reference from my previous employer, so I rang my old World Vision Boss and confirmed she was happy to be a referee. She was happy about it but also let me know they were short staffed for the next month and I was welcome to come back and help them out for a bit, on a casual basis. I thought about it overnight and the next day agreed to help out for November. I start tomorrow.

I'll use the trial work period to assess how it affects my street work. Can I find a balance?

In fact, I have now booked a flight to Alice Springs to return to where I started almost one year ago, at Campfire In The Heart (a wonderful christian spiritual retreat center). I will rest there for the first week of December and reflect on an amazing year and the future ahead..


roy said...

Yeehaw brother! Keep the faith; Do His will. All will be as He has ordained.

Walk with God.

åslaug abigail said...

I just read the top of your blog;
Sell everything, give it to the poor, follow me. It's so amazing that you read God's word, believed and obeyed. It brings me to tears.

Who said "One day some simple soul will pick up the word of God, read it, and believe it."?
I think it was Leonard Ravenhill.

You are an inspiration. Go for Heaven's applause and nothing else!
Peace to you,

Elaine Furniss said...

rereading your blog...what a wonderful experience...love to all three of you!