Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday 12th Jan 07

This week: I have had a lot of good chats with people about God. I was even listening to Marilyn Manson music on the Steps and then discussing the lyrics with one guy, while he was waiting for his girlfriend to arrive. I met a new guy up at the Vic Markets food van, who was a small ex-body builder with boofy hair and a mustache, who looked like he came right out of Funky Squad, he was the 70s. He was interesting as he talked a lot about his adventures, fights and trouble with the prostitution scene. He talked casually like it was a normal part of everyday life, which it probably was for him. Also I had my first (small) random violence as one very drunk guy came up and shoved me backwards saying, "Where's my wallet? Did you steal it?" and I responded, "Mate, I'm a Christian. I don't steal things. Would you like me to help you look for it?" and he replied, "I believe you", and then staggered on.

I had a couple of long nights sitting with Dougy, until daylight. He is a real tough person to work out how to help, if it's possible, requiring endless amounts of patience. A big issue I discovered is the amount of people that know him and are constantly stopping by to shake his hand, and to encourage him to keep drinking and keep fighting the cops. Often some people will sit down and drink with him for an hour or two before heading on. This week the cops tried a new tactic of keeping him and his main drinking buddy, Robby (an indigenous man, always drunk or stoned and who wears an indigenous flag tied around his neck as a cape), separated by locking them up at alternate times, and then dropping them at the edge of town so they have to walk for a while to get back to the Steps.

Thanks to God: this week as I passed one month of Faith Walking on the streets of Melbourne. So specifically I want to thank him for: safety, guidance, learning experiences, the interest and support of friends, family and others, opportunities to talk to people and represent him here, and the faith to continue on.

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